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Royal Racing Storm Short Review

What's it like riding in the PNW. Your gear will get tested.

Riding in the PNW, your gear will get tested.

When you live in the Pacific Northwest you learn to love riding in the rain. The wet, soppy, cold and muddy kind; where the first thing you do when you get …

Bionicon C Guide V.02 Review

Bionicon C Guide

With the introduction of carbon frames into the longer travel Trail and All Mountain category (and their popularity on the rise), it’s a wonder that some of these frames are built without ISCG tabs. What makes it even more of

Pro-Tec & Serve

Pro-Tec Cyphon AM helmet in matte black

Pro-Tec Cyphon SL Helmet Review

Pro-Tec helmets have been linked to the skateboarding industry as long as anyone can remember, so it might come as a surprise when you come across a mountain bike specific product such as the Cyphon …

Vans Warner SPD Review

Vans Warner SPD

Vans Warner SPD Shoe Review

If you told me I’d be wearing Vans again after a 28 year hiatus, I’d say that would be a slim to none chance. But, as circumstance would have it, here I am writing about …

Blackspire Stinger E Chainguide

Blackspire Stinger E - 90g

Blackspire Stinger E Chain Guide Review

Product Tested: Blackspire Stinger E (specific for Shimano E-Type deraileurs)
Mounting Types: ISCG-old, ISCG’05, BB-Mount
Color: Anodized Black
Weight: 90g
Recommended Use: AM / FR
Retail Price: $30-$35

Blackspire Stinger E - 90g (front)

Podium – Partie Deux

Raw Podium w/ Fox 40 Build.

2010 Knolly Podium Bike Review -Part 2

This follow up review (part 2) has been a long time coming but I think it’s better because I’ve had the time to iron out the kinks to get the bike to where …

Interbike 2010: Devinci Booth





Interbike 2010: Knolly Booth


Endorphin SL – 4″ XC Bike

Chilcotin – 6″ Trail Bike

Delirium 2011 Colors

Podium 2011 Colors

Regal Racewear by Royal Racing

Riding with Royal Racing Racewear.

Royal Racing 2010 Race Jersey & Short Review

Purple kit loves the camera. Brappp!!! Photo Qwan Pham.

At first glance, the overall design of the gear is striking and nice to the touch. Paired together, the jersey and short …

Der Kaiser tire in town!

Continental Der Kaiser DH

Continental Der Kaiser DH Tire Review

Der Kaiser means “The Emperor” a sovereign ruler of great power and rank. One ruling an empire. Think about that. These being DH specific tires, that’s a huge claim and it also conjures up …

Pardon me… would you have some Grey Pou-Podium

2010 Knolly Podium. 38 lbs of RAW speed.

2010 Knolly Podium DH Bike Review -Part I

2010 Knolly Podium. 38 lbs of RAW speed.

Knolly Podium in RAW

In the RAW color, it’s a thing of beauty. The welds are gorgeous and superbly done, fully exposed, displaying …

“Be all you can be” – Coiled XCL

Cane Creek Double Barrel

Chumba XCL Freeride Edition Review

This is an addendum to a previous frame review on the Chumba XCL I did back in February, where I reviewed the different ride characteristics of 3 different builds.

Chumba XCL - I'll call it

Nouveau for 2010

Riding with 661 Evolution Carbon Nouveau.

Evolution Carbon Nouveau Review

For 2010 the Evolution carbon helmet goes Fast Times at Ridgemont High (80s retro movie for you youngsters). Think checkered Vans, OP shorts and lightning bolt polos. Hey dude, let’s party!

The new paint scheme is …

NC-17 = PG-13

Riding on the NC-17 Pedals.

NC-17 SUD Pin III S-Pro CNC Pedals Review

NC-17 Sudpin III S-Pro in Black Ano

I was running a set of flats that were on the big side and usually that means heavy. That lead me on a search for …

Chumba XCLenté

Chumba Trail Riding

Chumba XCL Frame Review

Why review a frame from 2008 I thought to myself…

Easy. Having spent nearly 2 years in the saddle and on my 3rd iteration of the bike, I felt like I can get into the details …

Why buy Ti!!!

Fox DHX 5.0 Coil w/ Diverse 400 x 2.5 Ti spring.

Diverse Titanium Spring Review

There’s an old Chinese proverb which sums this up. “Wá tah aah sy am.” (say that five times really fast).

Diverse Ti Spring. 400 x 2.5. 293 grams.

That’s about what I was thinking when I …

Killing it with the Karver

Five Ten Karver with Stealth S1 rubber

The Five Ten Karver shoes share some common characteristics with the Five Ten Impact 2 Low top shoes, so this review is somewhat of a follow up. I have a dozen rides on these Karvers. There are a few similarities, …

Make an Impact with Five Ten

Five Ten Impact 2 low

Five Ten Impact 2 low

I’m not even going to beat around the bush with this review. If you use flat pedals and are looking for something grippy to help you stick to your pedals, stop reading this review now …

661 EVO Pados

They were there when I needed them

The Six Six One Evo pads are probably the most well known pads on the market. With World Cup racing and Red Bull Rampage appearances; it’s hard not to notice what many of these riders are wearing. It’s pretty simple. …

Elixir CR The Rage.

Elixir Caliper

When they arrived, it was like Christmas. The box was a sexy matte black. Well thought-out design and color choices (impressive). I was giddy and was just so careful to open the box – just like the time when I …

These Ardent that bad…

You need to stay on top of them if riding aggressively

I was looking for a light larger volume tire to replace a set of Maxxis DHF and DHR 26 x 2.35 tires I was riding on my Knolly. When I went searching, my quest was to find a 2.4 tire …