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We know there are plenty of forums out there, but most of us are not patient enough to hunt and peck for the answers sometimes. We all want instant gratification and we want it in our hands now, dammit! Often times, we end up making an emotional decision instead being objective about what we’re trying to get done. It’s this predicament that many of us riders get ourselves into which can severely hurt our wallet and usually burn up valuable time (time that can be better utilized out on the trails).

ONDIRTREVIEW.COM evolved from the need to learn as much about mountain bike products before making a purchase. ODR riders are essentially mountain bike connoisseurs. We review products we actually are interested in trying out and then we write about our experience to let you know what we think. You can count on us to give you the honest truth. So be sure to come back often to get the skinny on bike frames, suspension, wheels, drivetrain, controls, body armor, riding gear and even tubeless conversion kits.img_dot_seps
If you can’t find a product review on our site, chances are we’re either in the process of working on it or we just haven’t thought about doing it yet. So, let us know your idea for a product review, send us an e-mail with this info.

What: Describe product. Brand, model, year made.

When: How urgent is it? You’re on the verge of pulling the trigger…

Why: Give us a good reason. What would be the benefit.

How: Tell us how you intend to use the product (e.g. AM, FR, DH).

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